Poppin.com Website Review & Ratings + Poppin Coupons
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Poppin.com Website Review & Ratings + Poppin Coupons

Poppin: Products & Services

Poppin.com is set to revolutionise the world of office supplies with color, stylish design and ‘pop.culture.’ With over 15 colors to choose from to brighten up your work day, Poppin want to make you happy.  If you think your work place could do with a design make-over, look no further! Here is what the suppliers at Poppin have to offer:

Poppin: Company Background

Poppin was launched in June 2011 and its founders are Chris Burch and Ken Seiff, who was the former CEO of Bluefly.com.

Having created their initial products from a color palette of over 20 different shades to co-ordinate with business logos or color schemes, you’ll find all Poppin products come with a lifetime guarantee, without the hefty price tag associated with one.

Their headquarters are based in 18th Street, New York. 

Poppin: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here's what Poppin's customers and followers have been saying about them: 

OfficeSuppliesJunkie said: 

There’s a new kid on the block in the world of office supplies, and its name is Poppin. And if their products are even half as good as their marketing, we office supply fans are in for a real treat.

All few hundred products are original designs and are created from a palette of over 20 colors to coordinate with the brands of businesses (and you too, if you like). All Poppin products also come with a lifetime guarantee and 80% of them cost less than $20. (swoon)

Woodclinched.com said:

Poppin: rediscover the joy of office supplies

I’ve come across Poppin a few times recently, but it didn’t really stick in my consciousness until Notebook Loves Pen did a post about it recently:Poppin wants to change the way we think about office products. They want us to Work Happy. And all I’ve got to say is, finally! I’ve been waiting for something like this for what seems like a really long time.

Yes! This is all part of the social movement I think is happening. I wrote about it in my review of Rad and Hungry, and Poppin seems to embrace it, too. Pens, pencils and paper (and other lesser office supplies) should be an aesthetic  experience. We shouldn’t have to tolerate cheap-o Office Depot generic pencils anymore. Sure, they’re dirt cheap, but we get what we pay for, and there are an increasing number of us who are willing to pay a bit more for a much better experience.

Here are some more reviews from Poppin's press page:

InStyle said:

"There are so many easy, affordable ways to add color [to your desk], especially thanks to the vibrant range of smile-inducing accessories from the design company Poppin."

ContagiousMagazine said:

"A far cry from standardized office supplies found in larger chains, shoppers on the Poppin website will find a collection of gorgeous products"

Entrepreneur Magazine said:

Poppin's leading the way in the Design Sector in 2012

Design Milk said:

"Their sleek, simple desk accessories include notebooks, pens, highlighters, staplers, rulers, dry erase boards, and just about everything you need to outfit your desk stylishly."


In conclusion, it appears that Poppin has the office supplies world all excited at the prospect of fashionable, color co-ordinated and stylish stationary accessories which will inspire and beautify the humble work-place. Next question is, how soon can I get my hands on some?

Poppin: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

It's a little too soon for Poppin to have achieved BBB accreditation but they have certainly had plenty of good business exposure in the press. 

CNN Money said:

Poppin's founders see a new model, based on their observations of companies that have shaken up industries once also seen as dull and unexciting. They hope Poppin can do for office supplies what Starbucks (SBUX) did for coffee, JetBlue (JBLU) for airlines, and Method for cleaning supplies. These are signs, they say, that consumers actually care about design, sometimes more than price.

All of this sounds nice, but can Poppin convince office managers that stylin' stationery will help the bottom line? Seiff believes that he can make a business case for increased morale, and he notes a trend of companies aspiring to be more mission-driven, which includes creating a culture that keeps employees happy and also attracts new talent. He thinks Poppin can help companies accomplish this by providing their employees with the best tools to do their jobs.

In addition to offering what they think are superior products, Poppin also hopes to win on service. That starts with the website itself, which will feature a fun, user-friendly interface and fewer products to sort through. Rather than offer thousands of products like its rivals, Poppin hopes to get by with just a few hundred, based on the premise that they'll be the cream of the crop.

Limiting inventory will help Poppin keep costs down so that it can compete with the big boys. Seiff says that designing the products internally and buying from China  also result in savings by avoiding the costs that come from working with brand names or distributors. More savings could come from de-emphasizing next day-delivery, which is less important to customers than it used to be, says Maffit.

Poppin also targets small- to medium-size businesses that are often denied the big discounts granted to large corporations. Early customers include fashion brand Theory and Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel.

For founder and CEO Seiff, it comes down to this: "The two places you spend the most time are in bed and at the office." Poppin doesn't promise to help customers sleep at night, but it does hope to make them happier at work.

Xconomy said: 

Poppin Pulls in $6M for Office-Products Site

In the latest sign that e-commerce is alive and well in NYC, office-products e-tailer Poppin announced that it has raised $6 million in a Series A funding round. The funding was led by Shasta Ventures, with participation from First Round Capital and a group of angel investors.

Poppin, which is still in beta mode, seeks to make shopping for desks, printer paper, pens and the like a fun, creative experience. Among the items for sale on the site: 50 cent pens in 16 colors, ultra-modern tape dispensers, and magenta rulers. Want to decorate your entire office in pink? No problem: Poppin offers a “shop by color” option.

Poppin: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Poppin.com has a global Alexa traffic rank of 278,628 and its ranking in the US is 49,687. It has 272 sites linking to its own which is quite impressive considering it is a relatively new company on the market.

Poppin has a Google Page Rank of 4/10.

Compete.com states that the website currently has 5,301 unique visitors per month and its ranking by UVS standards is 263,232.

Poppin: Social Media Presence

No stranger to a bit of social media marketing Poppin already has 2,484 likes on its Facebook page with plenty of recent news articles and photos showing just how Poppin can really brighten up your work day. With 1,831 followers on Twitter, you too can follow their stylish group by looking up their handle @poppin. With competitions, customer comments and press releases, they make the art of tweeting look easy. 

Poppin also have their own blog 'pop.culture' where you can find office style tips, cocktail recipes, color ideas and so much more!

Poppin: Website Security & Safety

Poppin use a secure (https) connection and the industry recognised 'padlock' logo when taking payment information online. 

Poppin also uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology featuring 256 bit encryption to ensure that customer details such as addresses and credit card numbers remain safe and secure. Their security certificate is currently held with Akamai Subordinate CA 3.

Google Safe Browsing states that the Poppin website is not currently listed as suspicious, nor has it hosted any suspicious software or malware in at least the last 90 days. 

Poppin: Pricing & Packages

Style and chic office stationary doesn’t have to cost the earth when shopping at Poppin. See below for an example of their pricing:

  • Metal Ballpoint Pen: $12
  • Color Co-ordinating ballpoints $6 for 12 (that’s just $0.50 per pen!)
  • Permanent Markers $6 for 8
  • Letter-Size Writing Pads $16 for 10
  • Sticky Notes $12 for 12
  • Scissors from $6
  • Dry-Erase Boards $295
  • Latex-Free Erasers $2 for 3
  • Correction Fluid $4 for 3

Whilst it's fair to say that Poppin may not have the cheapest products on the market, they certainly aren't the most expensive and with customer friendly re-ordering and a guilt-free returns policy, it certainly makes for a life less stressful and a desk more colorful!

Poppin: Shipping Rates & Policies

Currently, Poppin only ships to destinations within the continental US. There is a handy box displayed on their check-out page so that customers can estimate their shipping and tax before committing themselves to an order. 

All packages ship via UPS and deliveries take an average of 3-5 business days. Orders of $50 or over ship free and all orders under $50 are charged at a flat rate of $5. Customers will receive an email from Poppin when their order has shipped. Occasionally items may arrive in more than one shipment although they will appear as one charge on your credit card. Orders placed on weekends, holidays or after 3pm local time Monday-Friday will be processed the following working day. 

Poppin: Payment Methods Accepted

At the current moment in time Poppin does not accept either PayPal or personal checks for payment. They do accept credit cards and you may use either American Express, MasterCard or Visa. If you have a debit card displaying any of the aforementioned symbols you can usually use these in much the same way providing you have adequate funds in your account. 

Poppin: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Need to return an item? No problem because Poppin offer guilt-free returns. If they sent you a freebie, they’ll even let you keep it!

The great thing about Poppin is that after your first order you’ll be assigned a Poppin Concierge, a real live person whose name, telephone number and email address will be given to you. You’ll always deal with the same person and your concierge will know what colors you like, your stationary preferences, what coffee you like to drink... well, you get the idea. 

Poppin: Product images & screenshots
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Get $35 off $70 + free shipping @ Poppin
Get 20% Off Keep It Clean Bundles + Free Shipping @ Poppin
Get $10 Off $40 + Free Shipping @ Poppin
Get $10 Off $40 or More @ Poppin
Get 10% Off Your Order @ Poppin